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Why Not Sponsor A Cat

If you would like to sponsor a Sanctuary cat by making a regular donation by standing order direct from your bank account, please contact us on our main email: Please put in the subject line, Sponsorship.
Thank you
Below are just a few.

Madame Curie (2)_edited.jpg

Madame Curie

A Stray cat from Dover, bought into us with 5 kittens all have now found new homes, Madame is now in our Feral Sanctuary which is a shame but we just could not get her friendly enough to find her a home still she has made some new friends in the Ferals and is enjoying her freedom.

Penny (2).JPG


Penny was brought into us for rehoming at the beginning of October, with her notes saying "friendly once she knows you" well we have tried everything possible to gain her trust but she is having none of it, so Penny will be here for a very long time, it's a shame because she is only 4 years old she wasn't spayed when she arrived here (she is now), she is very wary of strangers, maybe in time she will trust people but until then she is looking for people to sponsor her.

If you would like to sponsor Penny then please contact us.

Thank you



Cagney is from Animal Aid & Advice who are based in North London, she was a street wise stray never to be tame enough to have a home, she needs a sponsor.

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