Why Not Sponsor A Cat

If you would like to sponsor a Sanctuary cat by making a regular donation by standing order direct from your bank account, please contact our Sponsorship Secretary on:
Please only use this e-mail address if you wish to sponsor a cat. All other enquiries should be made to the main Sanctuary email on the contact page.
Below are just a few.

Madame Curie (2)_edited.jpg

Madame Curie

A Stray cat from Dover, bought into us with 5 kittens all have now found new homes, Madame is now in our Feral Sanctuary which is a shame but we just could not get her friendly enough to find her a home still she has made some new friends in the Ferals and is enjoying her freedom.


Ziggy also came in with 5 kittens from the same place as Madame Curie who we think is probably her mum, Ziggy is much more fiesty and would not let us anywhere near her but as luck would have it her kittens where very friendly and all went to good homes.



Cagney is from Animal Aid & Advice who are based in North London, she was a street wise stray never to be tame enough to have a home, she needs a sponsor.


Lacey is absolutely petrified of everyone and everything I think her look tells us that, she is now over in our Feral Sanctuary with her sister Cagney she feels safe when she is perched half way up the fence in the Feral Sanctuary or hiding in one of the big scratchers in the house, she needs a sponsor.

Lacey (3)_edited.jpg